Strength Monsters Cover Issue 1Rawking and Evil Robot are two professional wrestlers employed by the Strength Monsters Wrestling Federation. They find their favorite taco shop, Carlos Family Tacos, in a dire situation and nearly forced out of business by the much larger T.M. Tacos franchise. T.M. Tacos has plans to shut Carlos Family Tacos out of Business for good by looking to dominate the upcoming Eat-A-Burrito Competition with former pro-wrestler and Luchador extraordinaire Burrito Man. Do Rawking and Evil Robot have what it takes to defend their local taco shop and reclaim their legacy and face the sinister Burrito Man in an all out war? Find out by reading this inaugural issue today!

Created, Written and Inked by Sam Kressin
Penciled by A.J. Fulcher
32 Pages
Full Color Cover Black and White Interior
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