Silverhawks First IssueStrength Monsters is proud to announce we have officailly added Marvel Comics veteran Mike Witherby to our bullpen of artists.

Mike has been assigned to illustrate our Christmas issue Strength Monsters in "Christmas Tree Delivery" which has been two years in the making and is finally due to come out this December. If you remember Lobo’s Paramilitary Christmas Special from the Early 1990s you will love Strength Monsters in Christmas Tree Delivery.

Witherby entered comics professionally in the late 1980s penciling Silver Hawks for Marvel (his cover pictured left). Later he would work on Ghost Rider, Punisher War Journal and he is probably best known for his 1990s run on Morbius. Stay tuned as we will be posting a three part interview with Mike Witherby about his comic book career, what it was like working for Marvel during the 90s, his artistic process and more.

Don’t worry original Strength Monsters artist AJ Fulcher is not being replaced. His next Strength Monsters book Ultra Mayhem will be coming out soon. Beyond Ultra-Mayhem you will continue to see his work here on future books.

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