The Back Board Sketches Are Finished!

All of our backers who pledged $75 or more on our last Kickstarter will get one of these original full color backboard sketches by Strength Monsters Creator Sam Kressin with one of their comics. 

Strength Monsters Back Boards

Sketch Cards Are Done!

The Sketch Cards are finished! Each orignal art card was penciled and inked by Strength Monsters creator Sam Kressin and measures 5'1/4 X 7'1/4 inches. All of our backers who pledged $50 or more gets one!

All Sketch Cards Done

We Are At The Printer!

Here is some new art work from Strength Monsters Creator Sam Kressin out of our Forthcoming Kickstarter Funded Strength Monsters Comic Book! We have finally sent the next two Strength Monsters Books to the Printer upon recieving hard copy proofs of both books we will have a number of hard copies in stock!


Rawking Holding Back Robot1

Finished Art Work Hand Lettered Typography

A few days ago we published some rough hand drawing typography by  Strength Monters Creator Sam Kressin. Here is his finished work.

New Letteringb

Pro Wrestling Comic Book Association

The Pro Wrestling Comic Book Association Stickers promised to all of our Kickstarter Backers who have pledge $3 or more are now in stock! The stickers are die-cut and came out really nice. When all the rewards ship we will be dropping several stickers into everyones package!

 Pro Wrestling Comic Book Association


Here is a goofy video Strength Monsters Creator Sam Kressin made to introduce these Kickstarter funded stickers to the world!


Review #: ECEGSNS1
Kiyoshi Nakazawa

Topic: Strength Monsters is the type of wrestling comic America needs.

Review: “Strength Monsters is the type of wrestling comic America needs. Willing to go to the outer limits of the absurd with a Burrito wrestler villain (a real living burrito not a man dressed in a burrito costume) and a hero that has built in Tesla Coils with permanent arcing action going at all times. The level of creativeness reminds me of the great Japanese puroresu manga Kinnikuman, there is even a character that reminds me a bit of SteCase King. What's going to set this comic apart from any wrestling comic you may have read, beyond the insane concept of a pro-wrestler with arcing Tesla Coils that fights a giant burrito eating burrito (yes a burrito that eats burritos, that's not a typo), is the attention and research into the amazing catch wrestling moves and techniques. An entertaining blend of real and fake, of the outlandish and historical."

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Submitted by:Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Professional Artist

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