Suplex Counter!

A Rough Sketch by Sam Kressin for a Panel from our forthcoming Comic Book Strength Monsters in "Chirstmas Tree Delivery!"

Suplex Counter

Dead On The Ropes

A Rough Sketch by Sam Kressin for A Panel out of our forthcomig Comic Book Strength Monsters in "Christmas Tree Delivery!" Stay Tuned We'll post Sam's final pencils in a few days!

Dead On The Ropes

Strength Monsters Kickstarter is Live!

Please check it out this Kickstarter is to raise funds for the next two issues of the comic book. Ultra-Mayhem and Christmas Tree Delivery. Even if you can support it you can still help by sharing.

The Cover To Strength Monsters in Ultra-Mayhem Inked!

Here is the final inks by Sam Kressin on the cover to Strength Monsters in Ultra-Mayhem. Pencils by A.J. Fulcher. Help us raise the funds we need to get this cover colored check out our Kickstarter campaign here;

Mayhem Cover Inked

Dinosaurs and Flying Saucers

Another panel from Strength Monsters in Ultra-Mayhem! Pencils by A.J. Fulcher Inks by Sam Kressin. Pre-Order your copy on Kickstarter today;

Dinosaurs And Flying Saucers


Review #: 3HW5JLRH

Topic: Hilarious and Well Illustrated!

Review: “Strength Monsters is physical proof that (Indie) comics are alive and well. It’s hilarious and well illustrated. Original artists are the ones to persevere! I would ask any of comic reading friends and comic/graphic novel reading aficionados to support but most importantly enjoy this book! “

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