Mike Witherby and Sam Kressin

Sam Kressin and Mike Witherby in Sam's Southern California studio Mike holding the finished cover they collobrated on along with Josef Rubinstein. Get behind this comic book Kickstarter today here is the link; http://kck.st/1O4Ersu

Me and Mike Witherby

Lobo's Paramilitary Christmas Special!

Strength Monsters creator Sam Kressin holding his original copy of the comic book Lobo’s Paramilitary Christmas Special. A major creative influence on his Strength Monsters Christmas Special currently on Kickstarter preorder your copy here http://kck.st/1O4Ersu

lobos paramilitary christmas special

Lots of Christmas Trees!

Panel of some serious Christmas Tree Delivery Action! Penciled by Mike Witherby, inked by Sam Kressin. Get into the Spirit of the Season and get behind this book on Kickstarter here's the link; http://kck.st/1O4Ersu


Santa's Watching

Another panel from Strength Monsters in Christmas Tree Delivery of Santa Claus watching the in ring action. Penciles by Sam Kressin. Get behind this Comic on Kickstarter here's the link; http://kck.st/1O4Ersu

Christmas the Battle

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