Christmas Tree Delivery

Strength Monsters Cover Issue 2 ChristmasRawking and Evil Robot find themselves suspended from Strength Monsters, the professional wrestling league that employees them. They are forced to take up temp jobs as Christmas Tree Delivery Men, and in a short time find themselves on a crazy adventure with Santa Claus (who is also a former pro-wrestler), his Elves, and a host of villains. If you liked Lobo's Paramilitary Christmas Special from the 1990s, you will definitely like Strength Monsters in Christmas Tree Delivery. Featuring Hulked up Elves, Pirate Santa Claus, lots of Christmas Trees and a host of Yuletide Craziness.

Created, Written and Inked by Sam Kressin
Penciled by Mike Witherby (Marvel Comics Veteran) and Sam Kressin
Cover Inked by Josef Rubinstein
40 Pages
Full Color Cover Black and White Interior


Review #: S6NGX85D
Danny Planet

Topic: Packed with twisting plots of rivalry, revenge, and wrestling!

Review: “Strength Monsters was a fun read for me. The story is packed with twisting plots of rivalry, revenge, and wrestling. The wrestling scenes were by far the best part of the book. The sequences flowed together like a strip book, making it easy to follow what the characters were doing despite the often complicated and elaborate maneuvers the characters were pulling off. It reminded me a little bit of the way Black Belt Magazine formats their step-by-step how-to articles, each image showing one more step of the move. I thought that was really cool.”

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Submitted by:Danny Planet, Kung Fu Space Barbarian

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