The Kickstarter is Finished!

Everything is finally finished! Everything will be mailed out on Friday. We will be sending out all the digital rewards next week. Check it out;

The NEW Hard Copies of Strength Monsters Issue One! We've been sold out on this issue for close to a year. We now have a new batch of printed copies with a new cover title, updated coloring and even a few pages colored inside the book.


Strength Monsters Issue One 
 Hard copies of Strength Monsters issue two the crazy over the top Christmas issue penciled by Marvel Comic Veteran Mike Witherby.
Strength Monsters Issue Two
Hard Copies of Strength Monsters Issue Three the Big Monsters Issue!
Strength Monsters Issue Three
The Pro Wrestling Comic Book Association Decals!
Pro Wrestling Comic Book Association Decals
The Exclusive Post Card featuring an original illustration by Strength Monsters Creator Sam Kressin.
Strength Monsters Post Card
The 9X12 Original Art Rewards!
9X12 Dinosaur Sketches
The Back Board Sketch Rewards!
Back Board Sketchs
The Sketch Card Rewards!
Sketch Cards

We can't thank everyone enough who supported and got behind this project! Without your help it wouldn't have happened! We are really excited for everyone to be able to read these books.


Review #: ECEGSNS1
Kiyoshi Nakazawa

Topic: Strength Monsters is the type of wrestling comic America needs.

Review: “Strength Monsters is the type of wrestling comic America needs. Willing to go to the outer limits of the absurd with a Burrito wrestler villain (a real living burrito not a man dressed in a burrito costume) and a hero that has built in Tesla Coils with permanent arcing action going at all times. The level of creativeness reminds me of the great Japanese puroresu manga Kinnikuman, there is even a character that reminds me a bit of SteCase King. What's going to set this comic apart from any wrestling comic you may have read, beyond the insane concept of a pro-wrestler with arcing Tesla Coils that fights a giant burrito eating burrito (yes a burrito that eats burritos, that's not a typo), is the attention and research into the amazing catch wrestling moves and techniques. An entertaining blend of real and fake, of the outlandish and historical."

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Submitted by:Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Professional Artist

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