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Special thanks to the following people who put up their hard earned cash to support our December 2015 Kickstarter and made it a success! (listed in alphabetical order)

Brian Cowell, Brian & Joann Moody, Birdlegs, Blawrence, Eric Tomlinson, Jake Shannon, Jay Andrews, Jesse Coyne, Jezmister, Justin Nguyen, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Maggie Leonard, Mikey Hall, MWDAAG, Robert C Tessier, Ron Monson, S3an, Tim Gem & Alyssa Jones, YCSWYD.


Review #: ECEGSNS1
Kiyoshi Nakazawa

Topic: Strength Monsters is the type of wrestling comic America needs.

Review: “Strength Monsters is the type of wrestling comic America needs. Willing to go to the outer limits of the absurd with a Burrito wrestler villain (a real living burrito not a man dressed in a burrito costume) and a hero that has built in Tesla Coils with permanent arcing action going at all times. The level of creativeness reminds me of the great Japanese puroresu manga Kinnikuman, there is even a character that reminds me a bit of SteCase King. What's going to set this comic apart from any wrestling comic you may have read, beyond the insane concept of a pro-wrestler with arcing Tesla Coils that fights a giant burrito eating burrito (yes a burrito that eats burritos, that's not a typo), is the attention and research into the amazing catch wrestling moves and techniques. An entertaining blend of real and fake, of the outlandish and historical."

Your Website:http://luckynakazawa.com/
Submitted by:Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Professional Artist

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